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Erin L. Schneider is native to the Pacific Northwest, attended college in Honolulu - and although Hawaiian - should never be allowed on a surfboard. With more than twenty years in corporate merchandising, she’s now a full-time writer living in Seattle with her husband, Neal; their baby boy, Kellan; a rowdy German shepherd named Ronin; and two crazy cats, Ono and Poke. She’s a member of both the Pacific Northwest Writers Association and SCBWI, and is also co-founder of the YA Buccaneers.

SUMMER OF SLOANE is her debut novel, out May 3, 2016 from Disney-Hyperion.

Erin is represented by literary agent Lisa Grubka of Fletcher & Company.

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Where In The World?

Entries in Bridgid Gallagher (3)


What's Up Wednesday: 06.12.13

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by my ever-so-lovely YA writer friends, Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. The idea? Well, it's a great opportunity to touch base once a week with all of our blog friends and let them know what's up. Should you wish to join, head on over to Jaime's blog and sign up with the link widget at the bottom of her post! 


Holy crow. I chewed through 4 books and 2 companion novellas - just over the weekend!

I finished THE 5TH WAVE by Rick Yancey and the only thing I can say right now, is how irritated I am with how far away August 2014 really is. Write faster, Mr. Yancey, oh please write faster! Because THE 5TH WAVE? Yeah, it was freakin' a-mazing.

I even got my husband to start reading it last night and he actually made it through 5 chapters - which is insane for him, considering he usually falls asleep after only a page!

I also ran out the other day to Barnes & Noble and purchased a handful of new books - and promptly jumped right in to REBOOT by Amy Tintera, a 2013 DAC author. And I managed to devour that book in less than a day! I thought it was a very good read and had some similarities to DIVERGENT, while still managing to hold it's own.

I then immediately cracked open SHADOW AND BONE (The Grisha, #1) by Leigh Bardugo and OH MY FREAKIN' GOD, WHY HAS IT TAKEN ME SO LONG TO READ THIS BOOK???? Seriously. I haven't read anything this good, since I polished off the GRACELING series by Kristen Cashore last year!

I am simply enamoured by Bardugo's ability to fabricate such an amazing world, from the varying terrains of Ravka, to the incredible character arcs of Alina, The Darkling, and Mal. Full review to come, but if you haven't read this one, you must run out now and pick it up. I'll wait for you to go get it. Go on. 

I'm still waiting.

Anywho. I also managed to fly through THE WITCH OF DUVA (The Grisha, #0.5), a short companion folk tale to SHADOW AND BONE, along with THE TAILOR (The Grisha, #1.5), another short companion read, as told through the eyes of Genya. 

And then of course, I dove right into SEIGE AND STORM (The Grisha, #2), which just came out last week. I'm reading this one now, but am almost finished...and damn if this won't be yet another series I'll have to wait until 2014 to read!

I also turned the last page on Abbi Glines CEASELESS - and now, while running, I'm reading BARED TO YOU by Sylvia Day. They say it's for fans that really disliked FIFTY SHADES and wanted so much more, but so far, it's just okay for me. At least it doesn't have the high word count thanks to a repetitive mention of the phrase "inner Goddess", so it does have that going for it.


Like how I changed the header there?

Yep, I'm still NOT finished with my first draft of WHERE THE WATER FALLS. Aside from being busy with everything else right now, I'm just having a plain ole' hard time writing. 

A hard time as in I open Scrivener and just stare at it. And stare.

O_o Yep, still staring.

But nothing comes to me. I'm thinking maybe a little break might be in order, because I can't force myself to write when I'm not feeling it. And right now, I'm so not feeling it.


This is going to sound bad, but I'm totally uninspired right now. Ugh. I've been cranky-pants-McGee lately and nothing is snapping me out of it! Of course, this most likely totally relates to my above comment on what I'm NOT writing.

I'm still running, but for the past week or so I've been so sluggish - like I'm running in knee-deep mud - and my pace has been just okay, not stellar. I already mentioned I'm not writing. So there's that pile o' poo. But I guess I am definitely reading...so maybe that's where my inspiration needs to come from right now?

I dunno. Just a funk, I guess. At least I hope so. Any recommendations? I could use a few!


I mentioned in last week's WuW post that Bridgid Gallagher and I are plotting together on a secret project! And while I can't quite let the cat out of the bag just yet, I can tell you that we're aiming to launch this said secret project on Monday, July 1st!!!

We're so very excited about what it is we're working on and we really hope you'll all check back to see what's up! Stay tuned as we draw closer for hints of the awesomeness that's to come!



What's Up Wednesday: 06.05.13

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by my ever-so-lovely YA writer friends, Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk. The idea? Well, it's a great opportunity to touch base once a week with all of our blog friends and let them know what's up. Should you wish to join, head on over to Jaime's blog and sign up with the link widget at the bottom of her post! 


THE 5TH WAVE by Rick Yancey - and holy @!#$! am I loving this one! Just started it Sunday night and managed to polish off more than half the book in just a few hours!

As well, while I'm on the elliptical, I'm reading Abbi Glines CEASELESS - and so far, it's a great wrap up to a fun to read series!


Still cracking away at the final pages of my first draft of WHERE THE WATER FALLS. I'm so close to being finished, I can see the light! But...other projects have kept me busy as of late, so I haven't had the chance to finish off that last chapter just yet.

However, I brainstormed around it yesterday and think I know how I want it all to end. I've got two different thoughts in my head, so worst case, I write both two chapter endings and see which one sticks!


The great friends I've made in the writing community.

And no, I promise, I haven't been drinking.

It honestly amazes me how many wonderful people I've met since I started down the path of this crazy adventure and decided to write seriously - almost six years ago.  

Critique partners that have become more than just a CP, but also fantastic friends: Bridgid Gallagher, Heidi Sinnett, Kris F. Oliver, and more recently, Sara Biren - I'm talking about all of YOU!

There are days when I don't know what I would've done without all of these great people. And considering how this year started out, each one kept me sane, when it would've been so easy to find myself fighting the restraints of one of those fancy white jackets with all the brass buckles.

Thankfully, I know without a doubt, they'd never let me be alone in a cell of any kind - padded or cinder block!


Speaking of the a-mazing and talented, Bridgid Gallagher - well...

Let's just say I solemnly swear that WE are up to no good!

We're brewing up something spectacular and it's a pleasure to work with such talent. And I can't wait to share all of the goodness with the rest of the world!

Soonish, I promise. 




Dinner: The Herbfarm

So a slight departure from anything writing related - but since food is also a huge passion of mine, I just had to share this!

My husband and I had the great pleasure of dining at The Herbfarm last night - and for those not familiar with this amazing establishment, it's a culinary feast, where the entire menu is cultivated around a seasonal theme that rotates every month or so.

And the theme for May? 

Salmon Nation *click to see the menu in full description

Hands down, this was one of the most spectacular meals I've ever had - and I think it may have just bumped itself up to my #1 all-time top dining experience. Ever.

Yes, it was that good. And why exactly?

First, the food: 4.5 hours and six amazing courses, each featuring a different preparation of salmon, accompanied by two dessert courses - and all paired with hand selected wines from around the world. The head chef, Chris Weber, who at 27 years old, is the youngest chef overseeing any of America's 42 5-Diamond restaurants - and he's absolutely amazing. He even came out and spoke to each table after dinner...and I couldn't help it when I told him what an honor it was to be in the presence of someone who is doing what they're truly meant to be doing...I didn't know how else to describe it, but to see how much passion he had with all the little details, it was just crazy.   

Second, the wine: My husband and I are still learning all the ropes around great wines, so this was a wonderful opportunity for us to talk to their sommelier, ask questions, and learn how the perfect pairing can make any meal a stand out dish. And after six glasses? Well, it was a good thing my husband was driving us home!

Third, the story: It all started when Lola Zimmerman grew too many chives in her garden and decided to sell them on the side of the road. Eventually it grew into a business that her son, Ron, along with his wife, Carrie, now oversee. Carrie even starts the night off with a retelling of the back-story and a short tour of the property, along with a quick Herb Lesson 101 - then she and Ron even work the floor throughout the entire night, helping to serve the food and just make sure all of the guests are enjoying themselves.

Really, the beginning and how it all started is such a wonderful story and you can read all about it here.

Fourth, the staff / service: In addition to Ron, Carrie, and Chris - the ENTIRE staff at The Herbfarm was impeccable and the service, unparalleled. Every single detail was thought of, right down to our car waiting for us as soon as we walked out the door (without even telling them which one was ours!).  

And fifth, the accolades: 







Of course, I had to snap pictures of everything, including each course:

Collage details: Top picture: part of The Herbfarm gardens, 1: Skin 'n' Bones, Roe 'n' Mo', 2: Belly Up!, 3: Headin' Down, 4: Folly of Red Salmon, Basil the Pig (he's their composter, not part of dinner!) 5: Behold, The Copper King, 6: Cheese, Please, Our table setting, 7: When Lilacs Bloom, 8: Twinkie and Daiquiri and my husband, Neal. *A BIG thanks to Bridgid Gallagher for recommending PicMonkey.com to do my great picture collage - and sharing a wonderful tutorial video over on her blog today! Seriously, folks, it's like Instagram. On steroids. No joke!!!

Net / net: I can't recommend The Herbfarm enough and can tell you, Neal and I will DEFINITELY be going back. So if you're ever in Seattle, it's definitely a must - and you know you'd best promise to let me know you'll be around my neck of the woods, too! 

I hope you all had as much of a wonderful weekend as I did. Tell me, have any of you been to The Herbfarm or had a similar dining experience??? Please share so I can add more great places to my list!